Committed to excellence

We are commited to give you a profitable and long-term association by joining the Best Affiliate Program of financial products.


EmpireMoney has the best payment ratios in the market, aimed at getting the most out of your traffic. Your agreement and timely payment are our priority.

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We promote only successful brands. With various regulations, they adapt to different types of users anywhere in the world.

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We were awarded in 2013, 2014 and again in 2015 as the best affiliate support of the financial industry, we are professional, effective and always recommend the best.

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Enjoy all our exclusive benefits

EmpireMoney is not a simple affiliation platform, having had a successful experience as affiliates we decided to change the concept of the online financial industry. Our goal is to put together financial products with high conversion rates with high reach tools for all types of target.

There are more than 15,000 members that have found solutions in EmpireMoney for converting its financial traffic and finding new opportunities to generate income with residual traffic, both web or mobile or your subscription lists. In EmpireMoney we guarantee real conversion.

  • Affiliate DNA

    With over 12 years of experience, EmpireMoney has exact knowledge of what you need and how to create tools that really convert your traffic. We make money if you do, which has made us experts at achieving profits.

  • One step ahead

    We stand out for being leaders in innovation and that is why we offer the ultimate solution for your mobile or web traffic, no matter how you have generated your traffic, whether organically, through media buying, our mission is to convert, this is our commitment.

  • Opportunities for all for being an affiliation platform where first time users who are just starting in the online world and long time users who already generate constant income come together. Our challenge is twofold: to forge new professionals and to provide better tools for those who have relied on us for over 10 years.

  • Account Types

    You can generate income if you have web traffic or just by deciding to refer new affiliates as a master affiliate. Over time, we have developed strategic alliances with various companies where you can get discounts for renowned products to become an elite affiliate. Access different type of accounts to earn extra benefits.

  • Innovative Company

    We work with the best brands, all from a single platform, to better address the needs and requirements of your potential customers. In turn, within each product we have a variety of options to suit different customer profiles.

Only tools that convert

We are the company with the highest conversion in the market and with which thousands of users have managed to break record after record. Our tools aren't just the right ones to convert your traffic but also the ones with which you'll achieve your short, mid and long term objectives.

  • Mobile

    Over 65% of traffic worldwide is mobile. That is why we offer a wide range of tools for converting your traffic through responsive landing pages, adaptable banners or in-app advertising for Android or iOS developers.

  • Live Stats

    It is very simple, we show all your numbers in real time, so that you and we have the exact same information. To optimize or audit, we make sure that our statistics are the best. Through your dashboard, through API or XML you´ll be able to connect with us.

  • Installs and Applications

    You can generate conversion through web extensions through a commissions channel referred to as CPI, installs that are generated through services, offers from your browser within reach of any Web user. Ask our executives for our best CPI deals and they will guide you to conversion.

  • Biz Ops

    In 2012 we changed the concept of conversion through our BIZOPS with which we grazed ranges above 25% of lead to conversion. The BIZOPS are irresistible promotions with highly complex funnels, created to captivate your target audience and turn them into profit, all at your fingertips in a few clicks.

  • Landing Pages

    Creating or selecting the best landing page is a cumbersome job, but at EmpireMoney we decided to simplify things and help you achieve the best conversion with the help of our experts, we have a media team that constantly measures the results of our offers and they will help you create the best deal for your prospects.

  • Widgets + Banners

    We have widgets that show live quotes for our assets, market news, also forms to speed up the registration process for your customers as well as customizable banners for sites in html and any CMS in all formats.

  • Email Swipes

    If you have subscriber lists, you can convert these prospects into new customers with a wide selection of mailers in more than five languages and high open rate. You can find them in different formats, plain text or html + images.

Discover the brands with highest conversion rates

We have brands that convert on the market, not only de we care about aesthetics, or their support, but also the conversion it has and will have for our partners. Trust us with your traffic and we will convert it short-term gains.

Work with the most recognized brands in the market and optimize profitability by applying the tools and strategies provided by Empire Money, based on the relationship with the consumer.

Take advantage of our commissions

We have a wide range of commission models by which you can generate real revenue from your traffic, you can diversify your visitors with our offerings and models to achieve the highest return possible.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) It is one of the most common and used commission channels in the market. Get up to U$S 500 for every new trader, depending on his/her initial deposit, trading or background. If you believe your traffic is worth $ 500 or more.

RevShare or Revenue Share is one of the most valued methods among affiliates. Get a percentage of your users trading every month and while operating on our platform. Remember that in EmpireMoney we carry negative percentages of your traders.


CPL (Cost Per Lead) It's perhaps one of the simplest and most used models in this niche. CPL campaigns are paid for verified new registration and are previously evaluated by our specialists. We run SOI (single optin) and DOI (doubleoptin).


The mobile world moves very fast, in EmpireMoney we developed a model that adapts exactly to those needs. The CPI or Cost per Installation consists on paying for every single installation of our mobile apps.


The creation of AutoTrading tools has allowed us to create this new model, from which we can work with a wider range of affiliates and companies. Intended for installation in desktop or browser bars, we reward in the model "Cost per Download".

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Being communicated and merging knowledge is essential to generate a more profitable business for all market participants. Therefore, we have a highly trained support team to answer all questions and concerns or to which you can bring your suggestions.

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